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Knight XV ( Armoured Hummer Limo)

If you thought our Triple Axle Hummer was a beast of a vehicle, then you should check out the awesome Knight XV. The limo has been designed and built by Canadian coachbuilding company Conquest Vehicles and measures over 20 feet in length and is a foot wider than the substantial Hummer limousine.

The Knight XV has to be one of the most security conscious limousines available, as the exterior has been constructed from ballistic tested steel and comes complete with bullet proof glass which is able to withstand the blast from a Magnum 44. As an added security feature the limousine has a design feature enabling the passengers to talk to people outside of the vehicle without having to open the windows. For most limousines an added extra maybe to have a disco floor or laser light show, however, one of the optional extras available for the Knight XV is to have an oxygen survival unit installed!

On the inside the Knight XV comes with a 26”plasma TV, 12 speaker audio system,  XBox and decanter bar. However, a vehicle like this doesn't come cheap and even the entry level Knight XV has a price tag of 323,000, yet, this price tag could easily double dependent upon the added optional extras.

According to Conquest Vehicles the demand for the Knight XV is good despite the economic climate, but only 100 of the vehicles are going to be constructed, which take approximately 18 weeks to complete. So if you fancy using the Knight XV as your run around you had better express your interest soon.



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