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Krystal set to re launch car brand

The recent announcement of the former world’s largest limousine manufacturer Krystal is set to make a comeback in 2011. They are coming back and looking to pave a new path in the limousine industry as they are producing two all electric limousines and puts them a step ahead of competitors.

The company have teamed up with Thunder Sky Energy Group Ltd, the company is a Hong Kong based company and make batteries and electric limousines. With this the two companies will begin production on a ultra luxury vehicle powered on Lithium ion batteries, they have based the vehicle on a heavily modified SUV.

The car is planned to be a 200kW rear wheel drive system which has 112kW-hrs of stored energy if this doesn’t mean nothing to you it has (268 Hp) which is pretty impressive considering the car is fully ran by electric. The vehicle also has a range of 180 miles at motorway speeds.

Krystal was always famous for their line of passenger buses and they have redesigned passenger bus, seems hard to believe but the company will be launching a fully electric bus, the 27,500-pound Krystal bus will be offered with a 102 inch wide body and seating to take 38 passengers. The planning is set to go ahead into production in mid 2011.

Krystal stated they are unsure if the limousine will be available in the UK.