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LUXGEN reveals luxury limo

LUXGEN has revealed the ultimate in luxury limo, the elegant exterior design gives you a sense of discreet luxury and yet fully inherits the Luxgen’s brand spirit. The signature wing-shaped radiator grill is on the vehicle, while the exclusive chromed egg crate grill shows a strong stance and class. In addition, the chrome plated body side trims are very catching and gives you a sense of a CEO built car.

To match the image Luxgen7 has is given out the alloy wheels are just as sophisticated with seven split spokes and two-split layout is adopted to signify the cars class. On the rear of the car a ROYALOUNGE emblem is attached to epitomise the owner as well as the majestic vehicle itself.

This car is certainly built for people who want class, as they don’t come more luxurious than the LUXGEN7 from the Nappa leather on the seats, and with a separate climate control the passenger can get fresh air to enjoy.

Look out for the release of this vehicle as I’m sure it will receive a lot of attention from around the world and attract many wealthy people.


luxgen 2010-723.jpg