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Lady Gaga’s Strange Lion Limo Request

We all know that Lady Gaga is no stranger to attention from her meat dress to her everyday new hair styles; the superstar was even carried in an egg one time. She is currently back at the top of the charts with her new hits and it is now rumoured that the Just Dance superstar wanted to hire a limousine. This is a normal thing as when you think of a limo or see a limo you think a celebrity is in the car however, Lady Gaga once again may have taken it too far as she has been rumoured to be asked if a lion can be in the limousine with her, of cause the lion would be caged up however it would take some big limousine for the star to fit the African mammal in.

It is believed that her request will not go down to well with animal lovers and very unlikely it will take place, however Lady Gaga who is not short of money may have the power and money to make it happen, if the star was to do such a thing we think that she may wait until the next big event on the red carpet as it seems Gaga is the only one who gets mentioned the day after the red carpet’s entrance.

All will be seen in future whether this is rumour has any truth to it or if Lady Gaga confirms the details.