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Lamborghini Fan Creates His Own Reventon

A man in China who is a massive Lamborghini fan has been following the Lamborghini hype over the past few months. With the release of the Reventon and the vehicle costing over £1million not many people in the world today can afford the monster Lamborghini. We don’t know how to take this one as not many people in the world try replicate one of the world’s most expensive exotic vehicles.

The replica started off as a standard Nissan Cefiro sedan, the idea popped into the head of this enthusiastic Chinese male. He then got the money to start his project and he hired welders to start his project. Armed with typical household tools and just a scale Reventon model, he began turning his mundane car into a dream car. He put together almost £9000 and countless hours later, The Nissan Sedan was no longer a Nissan, it was now a Lamborghini Reventon. The vehicle holds some resemblance to the Reventon but we just don’t think it could make the cut to be placed in a Lamborghini show room. It took the Chinese enthusiast 2 weeks to build the vehicle and he is very proud of his new vehicle.

On top of this exterior transformation, the Chinese male has also kitted the car with a 2.5L Nissan six-cylinder engine. He is now trying to raise the funds even more so that he can paint the car and finish his dream car and then to get legal documents to get the Lamborghini on the street.
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