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Last Chance to Book your Royal Ascot Ticket

The Royal Ascot is one of the biggest horse racing events of the year and attracts thousands upon thousands each year the event, the event is a global event and sells out very quickly. We have many bookings for the Royal Ascot event and have been informed if you are planning on going to the Royal Ascot this year to hurry up as tickets are nearly sold out.

The event is a internationally known event and is a magnificent sporting and social occasion, it is an event where style and tradition meet and provide a glorious day out for everybody. The Royal Ascot offer an official Pavilion package and Platinum package both which are running out rapidly. The 2010 Royal Ascot was a complete sell out and 2011 will certainly be same so book now to avoid disappointment.

We offer our service to the Royal Ascot event on an all day basis where we provide you with chairs and tables and 6 free bottles of bubbly in order for you to start your great day. You can bring your own food or even your own table as you choose, we can provide you with parking or if you already have your parking we can offer you a special discounted price for the day.

If you are interested in making a late limousine booking to take you down to the Royal Ascot then please contact us immediately as places are now running low and bookings are coming in thick and fast.