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Limo Chauffeur Receives the Finest Compliment

Glee actress Dianna Agron was taken to the Grammys in true VIP fashion however the Glee star who had never met her chauffeur before that night, has decided she wants the same limousine driver to take her to every single event after the journey with her chauffeur.

The Glee star said the limousine driver helped her with fashion conscious and was remarkable with boasting her confidence as the star embraced the Grammys for the first time.

She quoted “the limo driver was brilliant” he said ‘Are you going to be okay?’ ‘You get in there and they’re taking of photos of you, so you might want to find somebody to navigate you around those things, or if you do want your photo taken get in there and put your hand on your hip; my wife said that that’s a very flattering thing to do.’

The Glee star he was magnificent and ever so fun and now will be using him for the future.