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Limo Driver Caught after 102Mph Drag Race

A limousine driver and another lucky motorist are now free on bond, they allegedly participated in a 102 mph race on a busy road, Mohammed S. Saad 30, of Woodridge and Tylor J Martinez 19, have now arrangement dates in the county court and both will face trail of charges for speeding over the limit and also face the street racing allegations.

The pair were arrested by a police patrol office at 10:59pm on Tuesday near 75th street, which is near a Lincoln Junior High School, Police saw the driving not only dangerous but around this area it was increasingly dangerous due to school children coming in and out of the school. Police Sgt Greg Bell watched the 2009 Lincoln Town car limousine in full force of the 102mph he said it didn’t look right, he used to seeing professional chauffeurs driving the expensive vehicles and to see somebody doing over 60mph the speed limit was unreal.

Courts have revealed that Saad has received tickets in the past for speeding 15 to 20mph over the limit in 2002, and he had paid his fines to settle both his matters. He will be trailed very shortly and it is unsure what will happen to Saad, one thing is for sure if he is found guilty he will not be driving for a while.