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US Limo Hire App Causes Problems.

A Limos hire firm in the US, has come under some recent fire from the authorities because of a new app they have recently launched which allows them to order a chauffeur driven limo straight to them via their smart phone.

UberCab Inc was launched only 4 months ago. The new application allows customers to contact the company to hire a limo and driver, you can also prepay for the service. The customers are given an estimated time of arrival and on average it is between 8 minutes of time, a alert is also sent to the clients phone when the limo has arrived.

 This all sounds very next generation and very cool however the company has found itself in hot water with authorities who are saying the service they are offering is not legal. The problem has risen from the company using the word cab as this is suggesting a taxi service although what they are offering is a private service.

The company have been forced to drop the word cab from their name and said they are working hard to resolve the matter and get back to business. The problem lies with the fact that transport laws in San Francisco have yet to catch up with the changes and developments being made within the industry. The service was the first of its kind and the company said they have no intention of ceasing trading.