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Limo Hire Ilkeston, Ripley, Belper

Ilkeston is a small town on the border of Nottingham and Derby; it in fact uses a Derbyshire postcode and is around 20 minutes drive away from the Derby town centre. Ilkeston is also only around 30 minute drive to Nottingham so you are spoilt for choice. Midlands Limos have catered the people of Ilkeston to proms and weddings for many years now. If you are looking for luxury limousines in the Ilkeston area we offer great local prices on some of the finest limousines in the UK.

Limo Hire Ripley in Derbyshire

Ripley is a town in the Derbyshire area it has great night life for a small town with clubs like Qube and the Regal you will have a good night out. People from all over come to visit Ripley’s nightlife so why not hire one of our Hummer limousines to chauffeur you on your night out to Ripley. If you are looking for luxury limousines in or out of Ripley, here at Midlands Limos we offer them at fabulous prices for whatever the occasion. Proms, weddings, conference meetings, stag nights, and hen nights we simply cater for everything at an unbeatable price.

Limo Hire Belper in Derbyshire

Belper is a small quiet town with beautiful a beautiful back drop to it, it has great nightlife and is home to a bar called Hackett’s. The local people love it in this place and you will receive a welcoming entrance with a great atmosphere to party. Belper isn’t too far away from the Derby city centre so you also have the luxury of maybe going from Belper in of our limousines to the town centre whether it is a baby Bentley limousine or if it’s a big party the 16 seater super stretched Hummer.  If you are looking for weddings or proms in the Belper area please don’t hesitate to call us as we cover every last blade of Derbyshire thus including Belper.


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