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Limo Jet the Ultimate Party Vehicle

The most unique limousine has been built in Mexico by a person called Martin Vaca who owns his own company which is called Vaca limousines; it creates special limousines from using parts of different vehicles such as boats and planes.

Vaca Limousines which is based in Guadalajara a city in Mexico bought the body of a jet plane and set in to making it a luxury limousine, they started building the limo just over 6 months ago and now it is fully completed.

The company knew that this was their hardest challenge to date and it would be hard to tone down the jet body so the vehicle would be street legal and be allowed to travel among the roads and highways. A Mercedes Benz bus engine was installed into the car to give it a top speed of over 100mph.

The finished Jet limo has room for almost 50 people and features some top of the range gadgets it has a luxury onboard bar, a big screen TV, a custom built lounge/chill out room and to top it off a dance floor.
The jet body set the company back almost £5000 but the limo will be hired out for £1000 per night and is set to be a huge success in the country due to how popular the and rare the jet limo will be.

This is set to be one of the most popular limousines in the area and we shall keep you posted on the new limo and let you know if the new limo does in fact take off.