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Tyre Safety Tips

Despite regular tyre checks, many businesses have has loss in their businesses after rear tyre burst on a recent job. Examiners were told that the inside wall of both of his rear tyres were down to the cord, and could have even produced sparks whilst driving.

The offending tyres outside wall:
Due to the width of the tyres, it can become difficult to completely check the inside wall unless a complete inspection takes place. Midland limos are warning chauffeurs to make more of a point of getting under the car when possible to check for illegal tread.

However midland limos are different check all our tyres. You would think the problem would end once you’ve checked all the tyres but –when we researched that this resulted in a £700 loss in business, and a number of unhappy clients.

Tyre tips:
Be sure to thoroughly check ALL tyres on your vehicle at least once a month, along with your tyre pressures.
Contact your nearest garage and find out how long it would take to find a replacement tyre. If they do not keep them in stock, buy a spare tyre and keep it in your garage for emergencies.
DO NOT assume that the whole tyre is legal if the tread on the outside wall is suitable. Some luxury top-end cars are prone to excessive wear on the inside wall.


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