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Lincoln City Defence fears Driving Ban will End his Career

A driving ban can have a huge impact on anybody’s lifestyle and for some, it could be extremely damaging. In the last few days one of Lincoln City’s newest players, Luke Foster, has appeared before court and told them of the troubles he’ll face if he receives any type of driving ban.

Appearing at Barnsley Magistrates’ Court Foster has asserted he needs his car to be able to drive from his home address out in Monk Bretton to the club’s training ground in Lincoln five days every week. He also stated that because he is new to the club, only signed in the last transfer window, he faces being released from his contract if he doesn’t show at training sessions.

Foster highlighted that the club is not short of players so he could be at risk of losing his job and he also cited his drop in wages when transferring to Lincoln City from Preston meaning he couldn’t afford not to drive. Another reason for needing his car on a daily basis he stated, was the need to pick up one of his children from school every day when training has finished.

Foster was in court after being arrested for a speeding offence and handing himself in. He admitted via letter that he had been speeding and was found guilty in his absence of failing to give police his driver information. He reason for this was the fact that he had needed to move after changing clubs and the speed of the move meant he hadn’t received any of the court letters.

The Judge on the day gave Foster until December 5th to take an in depth look at what the consequences would be if he were to receive a driving ban. He made suggestions such as looking into alternative travel arrangement into and out of Lincoln and also considering someone else to do pick up his child from school.
Of course Lincoln City are only a Conference level team so it is understandable why Foster may experience these financial worries. However, footballers receiving driving bans is not uncommon and just this month Stephane Sessegnon of West Bromwich Albion received a ban. Players in the higher leagues have the benefit of being able to utilise chauffeured cars from their clubs or even private companies like Midlands Limos.

Although Midlands Limos may not be able to help out Luke Foster in his current plight we do have many satisfied customers from the Lincolnshire area who have hired both our chauffeured and self-drive vehicles for special occasions and even just daily use.