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Lotus Police Car being used by West Midlands Police

A Lotus Sports car was donated to the West Midlands police a few weeks ago now which made it the first serious sports car to be used within the UK Police department. Lotus a company known for its sleek sports cars has previously given the Police other models to try within the force however models such as the Exige was only temporally used by the force.

 For people in the UK to see a Lotus police car would certainly be a head turner to say the least however in other European countries they are used regularly such as German police officers have a number of Porsche 911 available and the Italian police force even have a Lamborghini Gallardo at their disposal.

  People within the UK have once wondered, doesn’t it make sense to have a quicker car to catch criminals however they also have to think about the safety of the drivers. Motorists within the West Midlands area be sure to keep your eyes out for the Lotus, the car is set to patrol the busiest highways within the West Midlands area and will have the full flashing lights and police badges on the car.

The Police hope that this will send a strong message to motorists to stop them from out running Police officers if they are asked to pull over, and also hope that the car will allow them to interact with the public more.