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Louth Limo Hire

Louth is a small town within Lincolnshire which is perfect for couples to get away from the city madness for a weekend or two, in 1844 the massive 295ft spire of St James Church in Louth was hit by lightning and was repaired however a painter named William Brown actually climbed this massive spire to paint the panorama which now hangs in the Victorian town hall, it really is mind blowing and worth checking out when visiting.

Louth is famous for its little streets and fine green gardens it hosts many beautiful buildings dating back as far as the 17th century, the town has its own theatre, art deco cinema and a huge range of restaurants and inns to stay in.

A must do before you leave the town of Louth is too climb the tower for a spectacular view of the town where you can see the little museum and everything around the city, a luxury limousine would be perfect to cruise around this beautiful town while you and your partner relax and take in all of the scenery. For those who wish to be more active than just a few miles away you can take on horse riding, gliding, golf, sand raving and fishing there really is so much to in the town.


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