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Made In Chelsea Star Crashes £220,000 Lamborghini

Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews is lucky to be alive today after being involved in a car crash that totalled his £220,000 super joy his silver Lamborghini. The 22 year old reality TV star posted the wrecked Lamborghini on to his Twitter page yesterday and tweeted with the following ‘Just survived a massive car crash.’ He added that he is all good and just totalled a Lamborghini, not a normal tweet you expect to see.

Just before the crash Spencer updated his Twitter with ‘Dodge ball rally has started’ little did he know what was about to happen. Spencer was going to join a friend to take part in the Dodge ball Supercar Rally, the photographs of the Lamborghini show that Spencer was really lucky and it was amazing he was still in one piece. If you watch the show you will know that Spencer has ended his relationship with Brazilian dancer and he flew Caggie to Cannes alongside his friends Hugo Taylor and Millie Mackintosh accordingly expressing his feeling for his old friend.

The custom Lamborghini is one of a kind and the star seems to have taken the Lamborghini news very well compared to some other people who have just lost a £220,000 supercar.

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