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Maria Sharapova $250K engagement ring

Maria Sharapova known not to do things light handed has been pictured recently in public with a engagement ring believed to be worth a whopping $250k, the couple were recently snapped in New York.

Maria Sharapova now 23 and La Lakers basketball star Sasha Vujacic have now been dating for over a year but Maria still insisted it was the biggest shock of her life and couldn’t have been happier she quoted “I was completely surprised and I am so lucky”. There have been rumors of the couple making plans to tie the knots, which came from when they were spotted out in LA and Maria had a eye stunning ring on her wedding finger.

Maria Sharapova has confirmed the couple is engaged however she said the couple has no date and is no hurry to rush her wedding plans, this due to both living extremely busy sport lifestyles. Sharapova quoted “I am in no rush but I will enjoy the wedding planning process to the full”.

Sharapova however has decided she will be having custom fitted wedding shoes and she will be designing the shoes so expect glitz and glamour for the couple’s big day. It is already believed that Sasha has spent $250,000 on the engagement ring as experts believe it is in the region of a 7 to 8 carat diamond. 

wedding ring $250k-906.jpg