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Mario Balotelli’s Maserati sports car part of prank

Manchester City’s young and talented star that is not shy of trouble is yet again as the centre of attention however not so much his fault this time. The Italian footballer who has been racking up parking fines worth over £10,000. We don’t think any footballers car has made the headlines as much as Mario Balotelli’s Maserati, this time it was to be jokes on Mario as the Manchester City Footballers car had a bag full of kippers planted inside of it for a two week period why the Manchester City stars toured the US.  The white Maserati sports car may have to be written off due to someone leaving a full bag of kippers inside the car before the Italian left the country.

When Balotelli’s returned he was met by a horrible stench of rotting fish inside his car when he opened the door. According to reports rotting fish had also been placed across his back leather seats contributing further to the stench which almost the Italian sick.

The smell now is so bad the insurance company are considering writing the car off as the smell may never leave the vehicle, as yet none of his team mates have owned up to the prank but Balotelli who is known for pulling such jokes has made his plans for revenge on his team mates and may hit back soon rather than later.

The Maserati car has hit the headlines all year around and has been impounded a number of 27 times for different parking offences however we may never see the Maserati seeing another parking offence after the kipper incident.