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Maybach Release bullet proof limousine

The Maybach franchise has always been known for its celebrity type limos and always catches the news with their vehicles. The new Maybach 62 Guard is defiantly going to make some headlines as Maybach have launched an armoured limousine capable of withstanding attacks from bullets, crowbars. This vehicle is expected to be used by top officials in America and all the way around the world. People with strong importance will use this vehicle and allows them to feel safe.

The limo is based on the Maybach 62 Sedan and boosts 900 pounds of reinforcement on the limo this adds around 895 pounds of additional weight to the car. Reinforced steel is built into the Maybach roof, rear wall, firewall, doors and floor whilst it has Kevlar blankets built into it to absorb bullets.

The limo is also has a special alarm system  with alarm buttons wired around every seat of the car and a intercom in the back to allow people to talk to each other and communicate, the car can hit top speeds of 155mph and goes 0-60 in a impressive 5.7 seconds. Maybach also claim all of this hasn’t affected its performance.