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Mclaren MP412C supercar crashed before leaving factory

The new McLaren sports car was crashed even before it had left the garage for its first test earlier this week, mechanics are now working there very hardest to get the car back in shape however it has sustained bad damage to the bonnet and the wheels on the car. It was in fact reported that the £170,000 supercar was being driven by the McLaren technician to approve it for a test drive however it seemed the McLaren received its test drive even earlier.

The luxury sports car went straight into an oncoming car after the driver lost control at the roundabout, the other vehicle which was involved in the accident was VW Passat which is now a write off however this car isn’t worth a fifth of the McLaren sports car.

The McLaren did have a top speed of 205mph however it now seems it will struggle to hit the 1mph speed due to the bad crash, the car is now being examined and it will then be seen if the car is fit for re production or if it can be fixed.