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Mercedes Benz Launch New Mountain Bikes

Mercedes Benz the creator of some of the finest luxury vehicles and limousines the world has to offer has took a strange new path in the market. The German luxury car maker is too be making a new line of vehicles however these vehicles come in the form of mountain bikes and not cars or limousines. They are called Benz bicycles and the lines of bicycles all have the iconic Mercedes Benz logo down the side of the bicycles.

 People are saying this could be something to promote the brand rather than too actually get into the mountain bike business. It’s a fact it will promote the brand with a new market of customers and they have developed the All Mountain which features some state of the art mechanisms such SRAM 30 speed gearing and all hydraulic disk brakes, while the Mercedes Benz fitness bike features a front suspension fork which captures the eye on the bright white frame.

Mercedes have also developed a trekking bike which shares much similarty with the fitness bicycle however it has some extra features including a luggage rack and also a dynamo powered headlight version. Mercedes are also planning on hitting the junior section of bikes as well for children aged 3-6 years which have also been made as part of the Mercedes Benz bicycle range.

Mercedes have said that while their Formula 1 drivers do love their luxury cars and limousines, drivers such as Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg use the bikes to train in between the racing seasons adding further popularity for the Mercedes bicycles. However with the world going green and eco Mercedes are not the first to drop their line of cycles as Audi, BMW and also Italian car maker Maserati have all developed their own lines in bicycles.

Mercedes are only going to be releasing a small number of these bicycles which will be available to buy so if you are wanting a Mercedes Benz bike get your name down on the waiting list now.

If you are looking for limousine hire and not bicycles then please feel free to contact us and receive your free quotation today.