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Mercedes ‘E’ Class

Mercedes is a name in automobile industry which needs no introduction. Even a non enthusiast of cars jumps in excitement while witnessing or discussing a Mercedes. When the discussion is about luxury cars, the three pointed symbol of Mercedes is the first thing which crosses the mind. Such is the mental association of Mercedes with the luxury automobile.

There might be a sector of people who likes being ferried around in different kind of transportation on their wedding day like vintage cars or jeeps; however there still are people who would not like the idea of compromising in their sophistication and luxury no matter what. For those breed of people we have the ultra luxurious and the super stylish Mercedes E Class sedan. No matter how old, how much popular a Mercedes car is; it still manages to turn the heads when a Mercedes passes on the streets.

On every occasion we provide the car with fresh polishing both from interior and exterior; apart from this we provide fresh interiors and put fresh flowers in the car for that perfect aromatic ambience for the bride and groom. On the exterior we decorate the car beautifully with flowers and ribbons as per the taste and preference of the client. We make sure that everything about the ride is so perfect on your wedding day that you truly cherish the moment spent in the car.

The car is a 4 door luxury sedan with fully functional entertainment system, air conditioning, and a cabin big enough to accommodate 4 people with ease. There is a sunroof which is perfect for the couple to pose for the eager cameras right from inside the car. No doubt this is the most sought after wedding car among couples for their marriage functions. Our well trained chauffeurs are always on time; are polite and presentable. They always try to ensure that their clients have a happy, fulfilling and safe ride in the cars and they come to us again and again. As a policy our cars do only a single event in a day so that the clients do not feel any need to hurry and can enjoy every moment of their day.