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Midlands Limos Prom Feedback 100%

We are now in the middle of the Prom season and are carrying our customer’s bookings everyday and our professional team have already carried out hundreds of prom bookings. We are currently undergoing one of our busiest Prom seasons to date thanks to our loyal support all over the country. We have the finest fleet within the UK and plan to expand on our fleet year by year to make our customers happier and provide a service which can only be described as perfect. With all the bookings going on daily we are asking you to please provide us feedback on our service.

By doing this you will help us improve our service for future bookings and be able to provide you with cheap unbeatable quotes which nobody can match around the country. We would love our customers to upload your videos of our limousines to our YouTube page to see who can create the best video of our limousines.
We also want all of our customers to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages and stay up to date with our new videos, offers, news feeds and of cause new additions to our already spectacular fleet.

We are already taking bookings for the Prom season in 2012 so be sure to check our latest offers out or receive your free quote today by email or by our new online chat scheme.

Thank you Midlands Limos.