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Mr Bean not to be put off driving sports car

Rowan Atkinson the famous man behind the Mr Bean actor has revealed to the public that he will not be put off after his recent supercar crash where he received a broken shoulder; however it hasn’t managed to dampen his love of fast cars. The now 56 year old lost control of the super McLaren F1 supercar, while driving in Cambridgeshire causing the car to spin out of control and hit into a tree, he was then taken to hospital and later was told he had broke his shoulder.

The newspapers were too quick to get on to the story and it seemed Rowan had in fact been put off driving sports cars anymore; however it has been revealed that all of that was simply nonsense. He has spoken out in a recent interview with the BBC’s Newsbeat programme; Atkinson has described the car accident as simply a misjudgement and that it has taught him a lesson about understanding the limitations of his car. The comedian and funny guy is well on road to recovery with his fractured shoulder almost completely healed. 

 The McLaren F1 sports car is now being repaired for the star and once the vehicle is back to normal Atkinson will not hesitate to jump back into the vehicle as normal, he said he can’t wait to get behind the wheel again and hit the open road. The sports car is one of Atkinson’s pride and joys and is a rare model; in fact only 65 of the cars of its kind have been built between 1993-1998 it boasts a top speed of 240mph and has a price tag of £200,000.

McLaren F1 $970,000.-166.jpg