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Naomi Strikes Limo Driver

Naomi Campbell has got herself into trouble again, after she has lashed out at her limousine driver, who was hired to chauffeur her around for a day. During the spat in New York, it is alleged that Naomi flew into a rage on a journey to Astoria Studios in Queens, Manhattan.

The exact details are unknown, however, the driver was on the receiving end of one of Naomi's famous temper tantrums. The outburst has left the chauffeur with bruising under his eye, after she slugged him, causing his head strike the steering wheel of the Limo.

After the incident, which occurred at 3pm Tuesday, March 2nd the limousine driver pulled over to the side of the road, where police were called. Yet, Naomi was nowhere to be found, after she had fled the scene on foot.

Naomi has been in the media spotlight before after using a jewel encrusted mobile phone as a missile to launch at her maid and for assaulting an assistant. Naomi is still wanted for questioning by Police, however, according to Jeff Raymond, Naomi's spokesperson:

"There shouldn't be a rush to judgement, Naomi will co-operate voluntarily and there is more to the story than meets the eye".

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