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New Lambo Snapped

Lamborghini surprised a lot of car fanatics last year by bringing out a new number of cars including the Performante, however the company have promised big changes this year including the scrapping of the famous Murcielago. The Murcielago has been famous for many of years now and is the car most people remember when it comes to a Lamborghini alongside maybe the Gallardo.

With the revamp of the Gallardo last year, people were maybe expecting a new Murcielago this year however that is not the case; the company have decided to bring out a successor to the Murcielago which promises a lot.

The all new V12 Lambo will be revealed at the Geneva motor show and with the all new hand-built V12 engine which can develop over 700bhp which is 30 more bhp than the LP670 which was released last year. The engine also only weighs 235kg and is attached to a single clutch automated manual box.