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New Lamborghini Murielago For 2011

When it comes to Lamborghini the first thing that you think of is class and speed, the new Murcielago is no different the all new 690bhp V12 engine has been added to the supercar a long with a seven speed paddle shift gear-box, this is a big step for the Lamborghini as it will be the first car they have released without a manual shifting gear box.

The car has been somewhat lowered to improve the handling of the car and to keep the 690bhp car flat on the road, thus improving handling around corners and its overall speed. Without going into full detail on the supercars new engine which is very similar to the old version the cylinder bore has been increased from 88mm to 95mm and the stroke reduced from 89mm to 76.4mm, this means now the car can produce more power and the car can rev a lot quicker than before.

The new Lamborghini which hasn’t been named yet and is currently called the LP700-4 has been rumoured to be called the Lamborghini Jota or Aventador this information should not be far from hitting the general public. However forget the name from what is seen of the new supercar so far it looks a fine replacement and should be a very fine car.

The Lamborghini is due to come out sometime next year and is rumoured 300 will be made to start with and in the region of the £250,000 mark. So it’s out with the old and in with new for Lamborghini.


new lambo 2-104.jpg