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New Mercedes-Benz Viano

Introducing the new Mercedes-Benz Viano this lifts the standard for ease, the material superiority and competence is to a whole new level. The enhanced internal of both the cockpit and seating sets new values.

The car is inimitable and has astounding equipment; it ensures utmost fuel economy and the bare minimum environmental impact. The new suspension presents console in combination with driving enjoyment and protection, while the clean method of the Viano takes cues from the current Mercedes-Benz passenger car range to give the Viano a character all of its own.

The New interior improves the seam, of the Viano extensively and perks up its innate functionality. A key characteristic includes a new lighting concept for the passenger its impressive so you won’t be able to take your eyes of it. It also has an individual LED reading lamp, which you can use while the whole system can be dimmed.
With New elective features such as the Rear Seat Entertainment system. Both driver and passengers ride in flair. The improvement of the cockpit series from new control buttons to a four-spoke steering wheel. All car occupiers benefit from considerably reduced noise levels.

At the mind of the unmarked deferment is an amalgamation of ride and comfort, driving with delight and vigorous protection as the comfort of the vehicle takes you to whole new level. Both front and rear axles have been modified in every aspect and expressly. As a result the Viano’s usage is accurate, conventional and secure, while it also distributes exceptional performance in terms of relieve, journey and glamour.

Exceptional effectiveness, conveying low emanation and fuel expenditure, is key to the new drive system. In all account, the Viano meets all your standards. CO2 can also be reduced by up to 15% compared with the previous models, and fuel efficiency improved, giving record recital.