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New Rolls Royce Phantom Facelift

BMW’s ultra luxury Rolls-Royce brand will launch the new generation of its flagship Phantom model in June and is expecting another sales record this year as it concentrates its efforts on producing the world’s most exclusive limousines.

“We’re a highly profitable business, Rolls Royce Chief Executive Torsten Müller-Ötvös said in an interview at the Geneva motor show this week. The Phantom is expected to sell even better than what it did in previous years, there is no urge to focus on higher sales volume.

Mr. Müeller-Ötvös’s comments come after fierce rival Bentley Monday unveiled a concept car to tap the fast-growing segment of luxury sports utility vehicles, or SUVs, to boost sales volume and balance its business model. Volkswagen AG-owned Bentley last year returned to profit after two years of losses, helped by a 37% rise in sales volume to 7,003 vehicles.

Mr. Müller-Ötvös said Rolls-Royce has no plan to follow Bentley’s move into the SUV segment. Rolls Royce sold 3,538 cars last year, a 31% increase compared with 2010 and a new annual sales record for the 107-year-old car brand, boosted by a 47% rise in the sales from the Asia-Pacific region. China and the U.S. were the brand’s largest markets last year.