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New Scheme in US Called Closet Extravaganza donates prom dresses to girls

As everyone knows school proms now days cost a lot of money, and some families and children with low incomes just cannot spare that kind of money; however a nurse from Columbus in the US has launched a scheme to help the less unfortunate children by donating them prom dresses this will ensure that all the children in school can attend the prom and none of the kids will be left out on the fun.

The scheme has been named the Closet Extravaganza and has now been running for six years and is held every two years and the event is getting bigger year by year, last year saw 400 dresses being donated to the scheme so the kids had a choice of picking their prom dress.

Jean Kamrath the school nurse at Columbus High School said she was inspired to start this scheme from the area she lived in which was struck with poverty and wanted to make sure that every kid could enjoy the joys of the school prom, the scheme also offers shoes, jewellery and handbags to finalize the prom perfectly.

This year’s Closet Scheme will take place early next month; hopefully more donations will be made.