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Oakley 2012 Lamborghini Aventador

Jon Oakley a British tuning firm of motor vehicles have customised a Lamborghini Aventador and upgraded the Italian beast. The Oakley package upgrades the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador’s output to an awesome 760 horsepower and provides 550 pound feet of torque, the performance upgrade includes a larger intake, titanium exhaust and ECU reconfiguration.

Oakley is only going to be making five of these tuned supercars.

Jon Oakley is a company who customise cars and are not to get mixed with the Australian eyewear company; they have successfully created one of the first ever tuning cars for the Lamborghini’s new 2012 Aventador. The tuner offers a rear wheel drive modification that supposedly increases performance and with new parts on the car it curbs the car weight and takes a whole 187 pounds of the car.

The tuner adds carbon fiber to the side sills, front bumper and rear bumper. A carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber mirrors and a deeper rear diffuser. The exterior is completed with 19inch front and 20 inch rear rollers in Pirelli P Zero tires. Three of the total five units that are being built have already been sold and Oakley has not yet announced pricing figures. Oakley says many of the parts will be available individually.

Oakley have designed the Aventador up to another level, if the Lamborghini wasn’t already hot enough, this Lamborghini takes it to a whole a new level.

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