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Over 10,000 Sheffield Drivers caught on the phone

This statistic isn’t one to be proud of. New figures released by the road safety charity Brake have shown that over 10,500 people living in the S postcode, therefore part of Sheffield, have points on their driving license due to phone use.

Road Safety Week ran from 18th until 24th November and it saw Brake bringing together hundreds of reports, statistics and awareness campaigns to teach us all about the importance of Road Safety. At Midlands Limos we never underestimate the importance of safety on the roads and ensure all our chauffeurs are hand-picked for their professionalism and quality, safe driving.

This new campaign is being supported by thousands across the UK, including those who have suffered first-hand as a result of dangerous driving. Parents of one teen who died due to a truck driver sending a text have appealed to everyone on the road. They’ve highlighted how you cannot get away with multitasking behind the wheel and nothing is worth the danger you put yourself and others in when you take your eyes off the road.

Statistics for Sheffield
The S5 postcode area is where the most phone activity takes place. Nearly 400 men and 90 women have been caught using their phones whilst driving in this area and it’s closely followed by S6, S10 and S8.

The campaign is focusing on encouraging all drivers to turn their phones off when they get behind the wheel or to store them in the boot out of reach. It’s also asking that anybody phoning someone who says they’re driving to end the calls and avoid speaking to them.

None of our drivers at Midlands Limos have their phones switched on, on duty and we offer dedicated levels of professionalism. Our clients can be assured that the only thing on the minds of our drivers is the road!
Events took place across the UK to raise awareness of Road Safety Week. Demonstrations have taken place across schools, universities and town centres across Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. They have worked on educating about the dangers of mobile phones and other distractions. They’ve focused on educating people about the importance of looking out for hazards on the road including cyclists and pedestrians.

The Association of Chief Police Officers has also taken a part in the campaign – offering a heightened police enforcement of hand-held phones used in cars. There is hope that this event will be remembered for the long term and we’ll see improvement across the board and across our roads!