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P Diddy Buys Son Maybach Limo

Rap star and business mogul P Diddy has yet again treated his 17 year old son Justin, but this time to the Maybach limo, if you are a fan of MTV you would know P Diddy bought Justin a $160,000 Maybach for his 16th. However Diddy is not known to do things small and has yet raised the bar once again by buying his son the limo version of the car worth £186,000.

Diddy explained the gift as a reward to Justin behaviour and his school grades something Justin was known in the past not to be so good at; kids around the world would probably wish they could receive such a gift for good behaviour and better school grades.

Diddy who has just launched his new crew called Diddy Dirty Money are number one at the moment on the iTunes chart with their big single ‘I’m coming home’. The rap mogul is father too six children and they will all probably receive such gifts when they hit the legal driving age.

As well as the multi millions he makes from his music he also has a successful clothing and fragrance line which is no wonder Justin is receiving such luxury. Let’s see when his next child hits the driving age what they receive.