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Paris Hilton Receives Top of Range Lexus Sport Car

Superstar Paris Hilton turned 30 last week, and to celebrate the big 30 her boyfriend gave her a brand new bright yellow Lexus sports car, however after presenting her with the yellow sports car Paris wasn’t too happy with the color of the car, and moments after a white identical vehicle pulled alongside.

The now 30 old star isn’t keen on yellow cars and her boyfriend knew about this, he made the prank and later followed the decoy car with a ice white Lexus with her personal name on it.

The Lexus is known to be worth in the region of £ 250,000 and can hit speeds of up 200mph and reaching 0-60 in just 3.6 seconds flat. The party which she threw was in Hollywood and even close friend a rap mogul Lil Wayne showed up to the birthday bash.