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Paul Merson Accused of Drink Driving in Mercedes after Crash

Sky sports pundit and former England footballer Paul Merson has sustained serious injuries and wrote off his Mercedes which cost him £40,000, he fell asleep at the wheel in the early hours of Wednesday morning which led him to lose control of the Mercedes and crash. The former Arsenal player was said to be lucky to still be alive after his luxury Mercedes pummelled into a central reservation and ploughed into a lorry at 3am. Merson fell asleep behind the wheel and ploughed into the lorry, after the crash he failed the breath test on the side of the motorway and the 43 year old was taken straight to a medical treatment centre where blood samples were taken away for police evidence.

It is now reported that the former star was driving back to his home after attending a children in need event in south London when the accident occurred. The Police later confirmed that the driver was in fact arrested while on suspicion of driving while over the legal drink drive limit. Although Paul has wrote his Mercedes off nobody was seriously injured in the crash and the lorry driver has suffered whiplash injuries. The sports star didn’t have his seat belt at the time of the crash and spun out of control. A lot of people know Paul has done wrong but the general person thinks Paul is a fantastic guy showing his care for the children in need and simply has done wrong and he must now pay the consequences.