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Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy Set To Marry

With all the come down from the Royal Wedding, more and more celebrity weddings seem to be popping up from Kim Kardashian to Kate Moss and the massive Lily Allen wedding. One wedding seems to be running smoothly under the radar and that is Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy the wedding is scheduled and in their latest pictures they seem to be having the time of their life’s with their new born baby.

Peter Crouch has been the centre of the attention with the England team in recent weeks as he apparently sacked his England career for abit while Capello was in charge however this has came out the rumour was un true and Peter Crouch will play for his country until not selected anymore.

The pair are set to wed in coming months and are believed to be keeping the wedding on the low so that the paparazzi do not get involved however as we all in know in England that sometimes can be harder than it seems, just ask Lily Allen about the press and her wedding.

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