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Petra Ecclestone Receives Rolls Royce Ghost as Present

Some newlyweds do like to maybe splash above the limit and buy each other present here and there to show each other their love for one another however we don’t all get the luxury of receiving a £170,000 car. Petra Ecclestone new husband James Stunt bought her the new white Rolls and parked outside their hotel in Beverly Hills topped with a silver bow.

The 22 year old was over the moon with the present, which was parked right in front of her. The Rolls Royce was designed to be a smaller and more day to day car to the Rolls Royce Phantom.

Petra who undoubtedly has a lot of love for motor vehicles due to her father being the Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone and he recently treated his daughter to a superb lavish wedding at a 15th century Odescalchi Castle in Italy which cost him almost £4million. She has settled into married life and received the Ghost as a gift.

She was also spotted around the area test driving a jet black Lamborghini however the couple couldn’t get above the 10mph mark due to the amount of traffic in the area.


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