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Pink Panther mobile to sell for £100,000

The Pink Panther mobile was actually created back in 1969 and was part of the TV show for a number of years which ran all the way up to 1976, the one off vehicle was part of Jay Ohrberg show and a Hollywood designer was credited for making the Pink Panther look like he did he was also responsible for making the Batmobile and Starsky and Hutch’s Ford Torino and the Flintstones Prehistoric running machine. The futuristic supercar was first sold back in June 2007 for £88,000 and is now being offered again 4 years down the line at a new price of £100,000.

Mr Kay who values these cars said it is such a hard vehicle to value as it is a complete one off, the car may mean a lot more to someone such as a fan compared to other people who may not care at all about the vehicle, but he did say the sky is the limit if somebody from a shopping centre wants to have the vehicle and have it on display for people to see inside the centre.

The actual Pink Panther car is powered by a 3 litre V6 Ford engine and is actually legal to drive and has its own registration number GEN 22 however it is said it will need some service and restoration. Chitty Chitty Bang which now is owned by a Beverly Hills auction house and has been valued at over £1 million pounds.