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Playboy is Fined Driving 200mph Supercar wreck less

An Iraqi playboy has been caught by the Police after driving his custom Ferrari around the streets of London has appeared on YouTube. The millionaire was caught showing off in the capital in his turquoise Ferrari 599. It appeared he had no regard for the safety for other motorists and the safety of pedestrians. Pedestrians are actually filmed on YouTube jumping out of the way of the Ferrari while smoke was coming off the tyres.

There is one clip where the maniac overtakes a Mini at high speed just missing an oncoming bus, he bought the Ferrari from the Qatari Royal Family and has told other people he has spent £80,000 upgrading the Ferrari’s performance.

The footage has been shot over a series of weeks by film and TV student Liam Kershaw who spends all of his spare time travelling around London streets looking at flash cars, the guy tells us he has the first Iraqi supercar in London, and by the looks of it he is certainly keen to let everybody know about it.

Liam Kershaw has his own YouTube channel which is called ‘Exoticsoflondon’ and he has received a lot of criticism how dangerous and how much damage he could cause. The Institute of Advanced Motorists said it is a miracle nobody has been hurt.

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