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Playboy’s turning London into Race Track at Night

Wealthy residents in London in the most exclusive suburb claim that racing Playboy’s have been blighted by the super rich foreign drivers who have turned the area into a noisy race track. The high market owners in the area of Chelsea and Knightsbridge say that the Middle Eastern playboys keep them awake until at least 4am in the morning with speeding, the loud engines, and booming subwoofers coming from the multimillionaire cars. The Police have stepped up their patrols in the area after a number of incidents last year including a Lamborghini which crashed into four parked cars.

A lady who lives on the Sloane Street in Knightsbridge said the situation is a nightmare and a business consultant said the sports cars are back they’re racing each other at night, turning it into a Formula One circuit.

The supercar influx began apparently last month when the summer season began and the drivers are so wealthy they have little concern for driving tickets or rules of the road. The drivers have even come over with no insurance and are believed not to care about the £1000 fine they can receive due to the wealth.

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