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Premiership Footballer Ballotelli hires chauffeur to avoid parking tickets

Mario Balotelli has spent £3,000 a week on a chauffeur as he was fed up with having to keep paying out fines, the 20 year old striker who earns £100,000 a week has reportedly paid out almost £10,000 in parking fines alone in the past year and had to visit the car pound on 27 different occasions this year over the past 12 months to retrieve his luxury cars or limousines. Balotelli who was spotted in the newspapers at the weekend with a cigarette in his mouth at the Man City training camp where the team are to undergo some fitness training.

As well as being hit with several different driving fines, his much loved Maserati sports car has been attacked when parked outside of his home in the Deansgate area of Manchester. The Italian star has had to cash out thousands of pounds after his car has been attacked several times in the area and he decided to build a garage where the vehicle can be kept away and help him keep his bills going out this year down to a minimum.

It is reported that Balotelli is to be paying his chauffeur around £3000 a week and will be chauffeured around in a luxurious Mercedes limousine. Balotelli has expressed his love for his Maseratti and we may not see it now for a few months as the star footballer looks to change his ways.

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