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President Obama Also Pushing Green Limousines

Barrack Obama’s presidential limousine will not be going green due to it being rejected by the white house even against Obama’s request however it has been revealed that the president and the government will all be using 100% green vehicles by 2015.

However for security reasons the Presidents vehicle may not be changed the Cadillac limousine which is fully bulletproof is said to be a risk if the vehicle was turned into a economic vehicle.

But the President then said we hope by 2015 we can try and make every single new car a clean energy car and that is including trucks, some of said the President maybe a bit enthaustic about this idea as it would be hard to conquer that especially the amount of fuel America uses each year but people of the green environment are happy with the Presidents idea and think the more hybrids being used the better. The white house says the advanced technology vehicles the government will buy in 2015 include hybrids, electric vehicle and alternative fueled vehicles.

Before Obama was elected he said he would convert the White House fleet of cars to electric and half of all the federal hybrids by 2012, those pledges have not been fulfilled as of yet. We shall see if President Obama sticks to his word and see if the big petrol motors change to the Hybrids.