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President Obama lets two boys inside his Beast Limousine

President Obama was travelling in his beast limousine when he decided to let a young boy from Fairfax, Virginia come inside his limousine. The president asked the boy if he would like to make a phone call from the limousine phone line, where both of the children got excited to use the phone. President Obama handed the phone to the boy and asked ‘Who would you like to call?’ the boy then called his mother up to see if she would pick up however the mother missed the call. Maybe the mother’s worst missed call.

he mother never did pick up and the phone line said ‘please leave a message’ and handed the phone back to the President, he then handed the phone straight back to the boy and told him to leave a message for his mother. The boy then said very bluntly ‘Hi mum I’m in the President’s car, its sure cool.’ He then handed the phone back to President Obama who said ‘All right. Bye’.

The video which has been uploaded by the username on YouTube as TheObamaDiary has already seen the video shoot up too more than 400,000 views and it has only been posted since June 22. The YouTube video is 34 seconds long, however the mystery surrounding the video has came at abit of a shock as the actual occasion was filmed back in September 2010.

The caption on the video reads: ‘After a backyard discussion with his host family and their neighbours, the president invited the family’s twins to have a look inside the Presidential limousine. People were wondering what number would come up.
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