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President Obama’s Limo Gets Stuck

President Obama has been visiting the UK over the past 3 days however the President wasn’t quite ready for his £300,000 limousine to get caught on a gate holder. If the security wasn’t already tight it reached new heights when the Cadillac got stuck on the riser. The low riding limousine got stuck on a steep ramp at US embassy in Dublin. The limousine reportedly had Mr Obama and Michelle as they were leaving the embassy to travel to the next destination.

The armour plated Cadillac which is bomb proof and has doors as thick as a Boeing 747 aeroplane came to a halt when the carriage caught on the riser. The Cadillac limousine is nicknamed “The Beast” and it’s not hard to see why. The limousine has special trained CIA members who are only allowed to drive the President and has Kevlar wheels which means even if the limousine wheels were to be shot or cut up the limousine can still travel at fast speeds to get away from danger.

The White House have refused to comment on the embarrassing matter whether or not President Obama was actually inside the Cadillac limousine, however the American government are now saying that President Obama wasn’t in that limousine and he in fact was taken in a helicopter. Many believe the American government are now trying to cover up the incident and are in fact quite embarrassed by the whole saga. It could have quite easily been a decoy leaving the premises it’s still unclear at this moment of time. One thing is for sure it was the Cadillac named the beast.

The president’s cavalcade always contains two identical limousines so the where about of President Obama is unknown to the public and possible terrorist attacks on the car. Security staff of the American government is eager to get rid of the footage which has surfaced the internet including YouTube with over a million views in a day. Other security staff that was also eager to avoid the footage being played around the world drove a blacked out van to cover the gates and the sight of the limousine. A double Decker Dublin bus was later driven up as a bigger shield.

ith the volcanic ash back in the clouds the staff feared they wouldn’t be able to get Air Force One back in the air, The Cadillac even has its own oxygen supply in case of a chemical attack and is fitted with state of the art communication technology.