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President Obama’s Limo receives Congestion Charge

President Obama’s limousine the beast has made the headlines recently with his recent trip to the UK, first in Ireland where his limousine the Beast got stuck and now the President has been hit with a congestion fine of £10. There was an entire suite of American limos and cars which were all charged too with the congestion fine.

The American embassy are believed to have a hard time with keeping with the congestion charges in London city as they owe around 5.2 million pounds to London city. London’s mayor apparently met with Obama during the visit to try and discuss the matter. The money seemed to have taken the backseat however now Obama has received a ten pound fine it seems to have hit the news once again.

Obama who has now finished his journey into the UK has apparently agreed to some fees for the ‘The Beast’ which is a £300,000 limousine and can be seen in some of our earlier articles, but it seems no matter how rich or popular you may be within the world you simply can’t get away from the congestion charges around the major cities within the UK.

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