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Prime Minister’s Limousine dinted in Riots

The Prime Minister Luxury driven limousine suffered a blow when visiting Salford last week just when the riots were taking place; the visit had been planned and was an official visit by the Prime Minister. The Jaguar XJ limo which was being driven by the official chauffeur to the Prime Minister David Cameron’s official chauffeur was being manoeuvred into position to quickly get the PM off after he visited the Lidl store which had been the target for the looters and attackers last week.

The chauffer however completely misjudged the height of the kerb and Jaguar XJ hit the top of the pavement and the PM jumped into the vehicle causing damage to the Jaguar XJ. A nearby Conservative official tried to warn the driver about hitting the kerb however it was too late and he made contact with the kerb, the Jag which is worth over £200,000 is now left with a big dent and a long scrape along the side of the paintwork on the passenger side of the limousine.

The Prime Minister seemed completely un aware of the incident and the driver quickly sped off to avoid the embarrassment which he had caused. The top of the range Jaguar is believed to have advanced security and bomb proof technology to make sure the Prime Minister Stays safe at all times. It isn’t quite as advanced as the Beast which President Obama is driven around in but it still holds quite a presence for the PM.

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