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Prince William Reveals Stag Night Plans

With the Royal Wedding plans taking shape and everybody around the UK eagerly waiting for the big day, Prince William has unveiled his plans for his stag due. His brother Harry has planned it all out for William and has now been revealed.

The Prince is set to have his stag do out in the ocean where he will be taking part in extreme sports all throughout the daytime and then an evening pub-crawl at night time where they will be taking around by boat.

Best man and brother Prince Harry has planned the trip and has invited 20 of Williams friends which is expected to cost around £100 per head. William who will marry his long term love Kate Middleton on April 29th probably wasn’t expecting such a stag do however we are sure he will enjoy it.

The general impression coming from people about this stag do is that by having this water sports weekend with his friends, William may avoid the paparazzi eyes and give himself and his friends some time off the snapping cameras.

According to the Sun newspaper the water activities company is set to specialise in stag and hen dos. Will is also reported to be staying in a country house nearby belonging a friend of his.