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Queen to Visit Dublin

The Queen is planning to visit Dublin later this month and with the Irish people very excited to see the Queen with luxury cars and limousines expected to be flooding in the Irish police have enforced a parking ban on more than 50 streets in the centre of the capital which will now be closed before she arrives there on Tuesday.

There will be more than 8,000 policemen and 2,000 soldiers flooding around the centre of Dublin and it is planned to be the biggest security operation Ireland has ever seen. Republican terrorists have already pledged to do everything they can to disrupt the 4 day visit and described the Queen as a war criminal during the 1916 Easter Rising. Earlier this week a suspected real IRA leader was one of three men arrested in Dublin as part of an operation to keep troublemakers off the streets during the visit.

Expect to see a lot of armoured limousines and vehicles deployed all around Dublin and Ireland’s defence forces are even planning to protect the Baldonnel military base where the royal flight will land using missiles and guns if need be. There will be a fleet of armoured vehicles waiting for the royals to be picked up.

Police have also bought in a water cannon from Northern Ireland to stamp out any trouble and sites which the Queen will visit are already under 24 hour armed guard now. The Irish police believe that the republican groups will try to hijack the state visit by detonating a car bomb or by murdering policemen so the Irish police are to be in full force.

Stay tuned to find out which military vehicles the Police will use to keep the Queen in safe hands during her visit to Ireland.