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Ralph Lauren Puts Selection of Cars on Display

Fashion Legend Ralph Lauren normally is normally showing off some of the finest clothes in the world but this time, fashion designer Ralph Lauren will be showing off some of one of the world’s most distinctive collections of vehicles. Ralph Lauren once described cars as “moving art” in his 2004 book speed, style and beauty owns a massive fleet of vehicles and some of his car collection has never been shown to the public or seen by the public until this day.

He plans to show off seventeen of his most striking vehicles ranging from classics to new, in fact some of his vehicles date back to almost 1930 and they will all be on display in Paris at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs from today until August 28. You will get a sneak peek into fashion designers Ralph Lauren life and some of the unique glimpses into the taste of one of the major men in the fashion game.

Among the exhibit will be a Bentley Blower from 1929 which was used in early James Bond movies and was a car similar to something of an Aston Martin of today. A Mercedes-Benz SSK from 1930 which was owned by racing driver Count Carlo Felice Trossie and a Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic Coupe, there are only 4 of these ever made and only two which remain. His collection doesn’t stop there however Ferrari fans will be well catered for as he has 4 within his collection one which was a 375 plus from 1954 which was actually designed by Pinin Farina himself and a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa from a 1957 by auto legend Sergio Scaglietti.

If you can afford or get the time off work to go and view the Ralph Lauren collection then you can visit online on the Ralph Lauren website where he has recorded the sounds of these vehicles and you can actually listen to the sound of the engines. Furthermore Sky channel the Discovery Channel will launch a documentary on Ralph Lauren’s cars which will broadcast in France, Belgium and Switzerland on July 2 and July 3. The Art of the Automobile is open on April 18th whether you can make it too the event or not be sure to check it out.