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Range Rover call for celebrity support to launch new Evoque

Land Rover has launched their new Range Rover Evoque last weekend with a marketing campaign that included three concerts by some of the most famous artists to date. The artists included Mark Ronson, Cee Lo Green and Paolo Nutini; they all performed in Shanghai, Milan and New York to promote the new Range Rover Evoque. All of the acts and performances where streamed live via a link up on the internet.

The Range Rover Evoque was revealed last weekend and the new models will be delivered to customers in September, there are 3 different models of the Range Rover Evoque including a 3 door and 5 door the prices range from £28,000 to £44,000. The Range is too come in 12 different colours and 16 contrasting interior designs which can up the cost depending on the optional extras which you choose.

The 4-cylinder car which boasts a turbo charger for some extra power in the Range Rover, it still has its impressive light body which is aluminium, Land Rover introduced the aluminium body last year at London’s Kensington Palace. The Range Rover have took the celebrity approach to the media and even had designer Victoria Beckham working on the ‘baby Range Rover’ Evoque.

Land Rover’s online campaign also had fashion designer Georgina Chapman in New York and model Daisy Lowe in London as well as another model to showcase the vehicle.

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